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Over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of logistics and supply chain services.

Ultimate Freight Consultants

Who We Are

We are a solutions-based third-party logistics consulting company. Our philosophy is to provide the best freight shipping & supply chain service experience as possible to our customers. Furthermore, we strive to offer our customers answers to simple & complex logistical problems. As a result, making them more successful at their company.

What We Do To Help You

Freight business solutions that maximize profit

1. Identify Problems

We take a close look at your current logistics systems and business model to find areas that limit your growth and success.

2. Reports & Feedback

After we have analyzed your logistics we generate a report of the problems we found and give solutions and or plans to fix those problems.

3. Planning & Strategy

We sit down with your team and go over all of the freight options that will fit your business model and make it more efficient and profitable.

4. Implementation

We put all of the freight logistics puzzle pieces together and put them into action. We continually test, analyze & manage your logistics to make sure everything runs efficiently.

Our Resources & Services

Transportation Management | Warehousing & Order Fullfillemnt | Customer Support

Strategic Carrier Selection & Negotiations

Freight negotiations for all modes of freight, including: Truck Load, LTL "Less than Truckload", Air, Ocean, Ground, LCL, FCL, Intermodal, Trans-Loading, Specialty Equipment, Drayage, Expedited Services and more.

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

We help our clients manage their logistics for their products for maximum profitability. We provide warehousing solutions that includes Warehouse Racking, Pallets, Fork Lifts and Even Pick & Pack Services for Order Fulfillment.

Ongoing Customer Support & Analytics

We are your 3rd party transportation department that continually analyzes and optimizes the logistics of your company's organization. We maximize your profits by making your Freight, Warehousing and Order Fulfillments efficient.

Supply Chain & Logistics Consultation

Our Industry Experience & Service Areas

Ultimate Freight Consultants works with warehouses around the country providing Pallet in/ pallet out best practice workflows. We offer solutions that provide realistic workflows to help improve warehouse efficiency and strategies to assist businesses to grow faster. We serve a variety of markets that do both dry and temp control storage. Whether it is bulked or racked goods, assembly, kitting, inventory traceability, pick and pack, bonded warehouse needs or servicing the eCommerce market, we can help.

Apparel shippers need to stay up with market trends. That means they require on-time shipping to meet seasonal demands for their products. Whether it is tracking thousands of different SKUs the WMS solutions must ensure efficient operations.  Our WMS solutions can perform issue labeling along with carrier integrations and much, much more.

Retail fulfillment can include a variety of inventory types. Whether you need help with both eCommerce and/or omnichannel fulfillment we can provide assistance in this quickest growing segment of 3PLs. We can support EDI and UCC-128 labels, as well as pallet in, carton outflows that enhance order accuracy to prevent costly chargeback fees.

Hazardous materials can be a real challenge to store and transport. Whether it be industrial chemicals, paint, or pesticides, the utmost care and adherence to regulations must be followed. Providing segmentation of products to track specific types of hazardous materials, we can assure safe storage conditions while meeting the necessary regulatory requirements and compliance issues.

With the increasing sales of electronic devices, revenues and associated costs for the consumer electronics industry continue to grow. The market demands that to stay competitive you must continually be searching for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction. We can help optimize your supply chain to negotiate lower contracted rates to realize significant savings in transportation and logistics-related costs.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods are goods sold at a fast pace and at a low cost, and they may have a brief shelf-life due to consumer demand and/or product decay. Because these types of products are typically low-margin, high-volume items, most companies are looking for ways to cut costs. Companies have turned to Ultimate Freight Consultants to upgrade their supply chain and to assist in securing services at a lower cost.

Manufacturers face tremendous challenges for market share throughout the world. Some companies will fail because Inevitably will not be able to survive the competition. Manufacturers must be laser-focused on growth and new opportunities. Let Ultimate Freight Consultants evaluate your needs in order to lessen the cost of doing business. Our supply chain strategies streamline manufacturers’ supply chains and reduce costs.

Meeting the challenges and demands of the automotive industry can be daunting. Quick turn-around time is crucial to success in this market. We understand the challenges and we provide services configured to meet those challenges. We offer access to some of the best transportation providers that will keep costs at a minimum along with providing the service you require. You will have visibility into the status of your shipments as they move from origin to destination. Our providers offer accurate invoicing and should a claim arise, your receive the attention required to quickly resolve the claim.

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